CMD 6 & CMD 6-R Microscope

The Tegatron microscope is used to inspect and measure rotogravure printing cylinders, flexographic anilox cylinders, flexographic plates, offset plates, positive and negative films, printed copy and other non-graphic arts industrial uses. The Tegatron Color Video Microscope has been proven to be the best and most reliable Color Video Microscope on the market today, with many hundreds of units being used throughout the world.

Tegatron manufactured products come with a 12-month warranty on parts and labor (exclusive of damage or misuse). We offer a free loaner program (excluding shipping) for this product if a unit needs repair. This allows you to continue work unimpeded.

  • The new CMD 6 incorporates the latest computer and surface mount electronic technology in the control unit
  • The master control unit is factory programmed for ease of operation, but can be customized for special customer needs
  • The new precision XYZ transitions operate very smoothly and precisely
  • The CMD 6 control unit offers an analog or digital output to a monitor, or digital video out to any PC via the USB-2 port (CMD IV control box only), offering you the ability to archive or Email the video information. The CMD 6 control unit can archive or email straight from the control box.
  • The image capture circuitry utilizes a high resolution 1/3rd ccd color camera or HD digital camera
  • Options available include a high resolution B/W printer, and a precision digital depth gauge that reads out on the video display as well as at the gauge on the microscope. 
  • The CMD 6-R has the control box built straight into the microscope for easier use. Both CMD 6-R and CMD 6 uses a computer with WI-FI and Bluetooth capability. 
  • The CMD 6 is offered with the new computer control box or it can still be offered with a analog CMD IV control box.
  • Technical support is readily available – free of charge – by phone or Email from our factory in Franklin, Ohio.

The Tegatron microscope, which in essence is a metallurgical type microscope, has proven itself to be the best and most "user-friendly" system of its type. All manufacturing and repairs are done right here in the United States making it very easy and efficient to service your unit, should the need ever arise.

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